30 Days of Light 

Intro Video to 30 Days of Light 

30 Days of Light is a suicide relief and awareness program.

It is designed to help inspire and motivate people through tough times.
If you are experiencing Pain or Loss, this is for:
1. The Hopeful
2. The Griever
3. The Warrior
You'll learn in the Intro Video who these are. 

Intro Song to 30 Days of Light

Quote by: Dustin Redmond

Song name: The Broken Dreamer

Song by: Dustin Redmond

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Each Day Offers Unique Tools for Transformation


Create The Path and its Associates are not of Licensed Profession. All works, written and/or video, are of personal opinion. It is always suggested to seek professional help and guidance. 

Help Resources

In the event of a medical emergency, please contact your local Help Line.

United States:
Call 911
Suicide Help Line: 1-800-273-8255
Chat: Click Here

New Zealand:
Call 111
Suicide Help Line: 0800 543 354
Text 'Help' To 4357

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